Technology: Drinking Water Plants


Our drinking water systems require careful selection of technologies that are fit-for-purpose, simple to operate, easy to maintain and robust. Particulate removal is typically accomplished using clarification followed by media filtration, ultra-filtration or reverse osmosis systems. Our selection of technology is heavily influenced by seasonal variations in particulate loading, particularly for surface water systems vulnerable to a spring freshet or intermittent storm events. Chemical treatment for iron and manganese removal (common in groundwater) can be accomplished using greens and filtration or chemical addition. Odor control can be accomplished through activated carbon polishing in situations where the water doesn’t meet aesthetic guidelines when treated. Finally, we rely on either chlorine addition or ultra-violet technology for sterilization to achieve log-4 elimination of pathogens. All of these technologies can be delivered on a fast-track basis using either containerized or engineered-building configurations by selecting from our library of standardized assemblies.

Key Features

  • Particulate removal
  • Chemical removal
  • Pathogen elimination
  • Odor control
  • Taste improvement