About "The Team"

John Netto


Over 35 years of experience in the design-build-operate-finance of water and wastewater systems. He is an expert on integration of multiple technologies into modular, mobile and superskid configurations.

Bill Berzins

Lead Project Development

35 Years of project development experience. Managed hundreds of projects on fixed-price, guaranteed-schedule contacts delivered by high-performance teams.

Craig Mills

Lead Process and Operations

20 Years of experience in nearly every facet of project execution and site operations. Specializing in the design, engineering, fabrication and operation of water related systems.

David Elggren

Lead Quality and Safety

25 Years of experience in quality and Safety. Certified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor. Safety Manager under Tyco and Suez.

Jason Anderson

Lead Designer

Over 25 years of mechanical design experience. Focused primarily in water treatment systems, P&ID creation, modular and mobile water treatment units.

Jodi Hanks

Lead Logistics and Procurement

20 years of experience in procurement, purchasing, scheduling and international logistics.

Kary Yates

Lead Construction

Over 40 years of experience in excavation, construction, fabrication, flood control and shop management.