About "The Story"

Aquen’s prequel begins with the experiences of its owners in building successful design-build-operate companies operating throughout North America in the 80’s and 90’s.

John Netto was the founder of Water and Power Technologies, a design-build-operate company delivering customized solutions to customers in the beverage, power, drinking water, municipal, mining and industrial sectors across the US. John’s repeat clients included blue-chip customers like Kodak, Kennecott (Rio Tinto), Southeast Power, Dow, Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

Bill Berzins led teams active in water, wastewater and waste management projects across Canada and abroad with an emphasis on delivering infrastructure projects to municipal, food processing, power, mining and industrial customers. Between them, John and Bill have worked on literally hundreds of projects utilizing technologies including, but not limited to, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, incineration, biological nutrient removal, clarification, dissolved air flotation, clarification and chemical treatment.

Together, they worked to assemble a high-performance contract operations team that was responsible for several dozen systems across North America including the operation of Canada’s largest hazardous waste incinerator, North America’s largest composting facility, design-build of wastewater plants in Canada’s national parks at Banff and Jasper and drinking water plants in Beverly Hills, Guam, Arizona and Nebraska. John and Bill were successful at undertaking at-risk design-build projects with guaranteed budgets/schedules backed by long-term fixed price operating contracts.

Bill established our Canadian operating entity, Fossil Water in Calgary, in 2005 and immediately turned his attention to improving water supply, recycle and reuse strategies for western Canada’s burgeoning hydraulic fracturing industry. Fossil Water undertook the earliest studies for beneficial reuse of saline waters and built a book of business including mobile, skidded and modular systems. In 2011, John and Bill recognized the inefficiencies of the traditional supply chain for customized equipment and established Aquen USA at the design-build centre operating in Salt Lake City. Recognizing that faster-execution required better and faster tools for design and assembly, Aquen acquired and customized a powerful 3D design platform and built a database of literally thousands of 3D parts that accelerated process design and prototyping of modular, skidded and containerized systems.

By 2012, Bill and John’s network of subject matter experts and discipline leads appreciated Aquen’s emphasis on efficiency, quality and speed of execution and became key additions to the team. Key team leads including Jason Anderson (Lead Designer), Craig Mills (Lead Process and Operations), David Elggren (Lead Quality and Safety), Kary Yates (Lead Construction) and Jodi Hanks (Lead Logistics and Procurement) soon joined to form the nucleus of a highly integrated, highly efficient team capable of taking projects from concept-to-commissioning. The team is backed by a North America-wide network of subject matter experts spanning all water, wastewater and waste processing technologies and disciplines. Regardless of complexity, Aquen has a track record of working with customers to take on fixed-price, guaranteed-budget while reducing risk and uncertainty. Aquen’s customers include some of the world’s largest companies active in mining, oil & gas and industrial applications.

Today, Aquen operates from a 20,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility located in Salt Lake City as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). With a mature supply chain of top-tier suppliers, we are able to rapidly deliver customized modular, mobile, skidded and containerized systems to customers across North America.