Pump Stations

We supply integrated water pumping systems using centrifugal, submersible, axial, positive displacement and vertical turbine pumps. Our design strategy combine variable frequency drives, duty-assist and on-line spares to reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

Water Supply Systems

We both fabricate equipment and integrate 3rd party process equipment into compact and operator-friendly systems.

Industrial Water

Water by-the-gallon and design-build-operate-finance turnkey systems. Highly efficient designs housed in modular, super-skidded, trailer-mounted and containerized assemblies.

Custom Fabrication & Welding

Full service fabrication for precision work, certified to work with a wide range of materials.

Wastewater Treatment

We integrate chemical, physical and thermal processes into highly efficient, modular and mobile designs. We specialize in fast-track execution of turnkey projects.

Produced Water & Flowback

We have a track record in the design-build-commission-operate systems for treatment, reuse and disposal of flowback and produced water from both conventional and unconventional production.

Recycling & Metals Recovery

We have helped customers fast-track siting, land acquisition, consultation, permitting and licensing facilities for hydrocarbon and metals recovery operations.

Modular Process Units

We have provided dozens of modular, trailer mounted and containerized treatment systems utilizing our proprietary structural designs and integrated designs. We pre-pipe, pre-wire and pre-certify systems prior to shipment on site where our designs enable plug-and-play functionality while reducing site construction costs as much as 75%.

Superskid Treatment Systems

We are experts at integrating treatment processes and controls into skidded designs that can be quickly retrofitted into existing process plants or delivered as new equipment. Our superskids incorporate constructability and operability into each design.

License & Permits

We can assist with water licensing from a variety of sources including streams, reservoirs, rivers, lakes and wastewater ponds.

Gas-Fired Generators

We provide natural-gas fired generating modules ranging in size from 400kW to 1.6mW.

Water & Wastewater Storage

Turnkey supply of above ground storage pond systems. Our designs minimize sludge buildup while reducing O&M costs. Includes provisioning of dewatering and cleaning service.

First Nations Water Services

We have worked closely with First Nations’ communities develop long-term strategies for sustainable water management including Water Needs Assessments, regional servicing strategies and execution of treatment projects. We have a track record of building capacity by providing training on-the-job experience for operators including reverse osmosis, filtration, chemical treatment and disposal systems.

Chemical Injection Systems

Highly precise and robust pH control, oxidizer, anti-scalant, polymer, corrosion inhibitors, cooling tower, boiler feed.