Water Re-Use Hub

Produced & Flowback Water handling facility, designed, built and commissioned in 9 months. Integration of multiple technologies and services into a seamless package.

Water Strategy

We have prepared complete water management strategies for multiple oil and gas companies including sourcing, transportation, storage, reuse and disposal. We based our strategies on our hands-on experience gained in both upstream and downstream sectors at dozens of facilities. We design with construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance in mind.

Mine Site Storm & Wastewater Treatment

Design-Build-Operate a Modular Reverse Osmosis plant to treat & release > 90,000 m3. Design-Built in 12 weeks. Operated for 3 months, 24-7.

Mine Site Brine Treatment & Disposal

Complete water conditioning system for both treat & release and injection operations. Designed, built and commissioned in 4 months to operate down to -25C.

Produced Water Injection Module

Turnkey design of a 3-module, 130 GPM (US) (750 m3/day) water injection system. Designed & delivered in 6 months.

Mine Site Emergency Storm Pond Treatment

Integration of multiple technologies and services in 8 weeks to design, build & operate a facility to treat 135,000 m3 of stormwater runoff.

Water Disposal Facility

Modular truck terminal, storage & processing facility, design-built-commissioned in 9 months. Smart-3D models with full documentation, O&M manuals, maintenance forecasts and budgets.

5,000 gpm Filtration & Blending Skids

High capacity filtration & blending system for real-time feed for hydraulic fracturing. Designed, built and commissioned in 8 weeks to supply up to 5,000 us gpm. (19 m3/minute)