Project: Injection Module for Produced Water Injection


We were given just 6 months to deliver a complete design of a 3-module water injection unit that could filter then pump up to 130 usgpm (750 m3/day) of water at a pressure of 1,500 psi (10,000 kpa) for disposal. We customized our proprietary interlocking box-beam structure to include air-sealed motor control room, built-in floor drain and containment, fast-change 25 micro bag filter system and chemical conditioning to prevent plugging or scaling. The units were pre-wired, pre-piped and pre-assembled in our shop, CSA-inspected and re-assembled at site with minimal site construction required. The modules were delivered to a remote site complete with leveling shims and connection hardware together with an installation guide that gave step-by-step instructions to speed up installation.

Key Features

  • Modular design
  • Plug-and-Play installation
  • Full Motor Control Centre housed in classified workspace with segregated air supply.