Blog: Site-Wide WiFi Improves Operational Control

Posted on Tuesday, May 01, 2018

One of our de-watering/water conditioning projects required us to manage a complex de-watering, chemical treatment and injection system on a 24-7 basis. The system included two custom-built pond de-watering skids, 1100 m3 C-Ring (above-ground containment pond) with circulation pumps, chemical addition, media filters, cartridge filters, brine-maker and deepwell injection system spaced almost 2 km apart. Satellite communications in the area were intermittent, so the team installed a WiFi radio network complete with radio telemetry to allow for variable frequency drive (VFD) control of pumps based on either flows or pressures. Alarm systems included pressure, level and signal loss – the system operated continuously through extremely low temperatures and snow conditions. Our IT specialist added outside connectivity via cellular modem and a dedicated firewall for remote monitoring and trouble-shooting without cannibalizing bandwidth when the operator require complete control during servicing.