Blog: Desalination, Brine-making and everything in between

Posted on Monday, April 30, 2018

We were recently asked by a blue-chip customer to work both ends of the brine spectrum: treating high-TDS water with reverse osmosis for surface discharge followed by blending the reject with pure salt solution to achieve a narrow range of TDS. Our designers connected with some of North America’s leading brine specialists and developed one of the world’s largest industrial brine makers. Capable of receiving between 40 to 80 tonnes per day of road salt, the unit included custom-built headers and drainage systems that allowed for dust-free pneumatic offloading from tankers and 24-hour circulation. The goal was to raise the TDS of the fluid prior to deep-well injection to prevent swelling of clays within the disposal formation by achieving a specified chemistry. We utilized our custom-blending skid (deployed on flowback and produced water applications previously) to dial-in the correct composition. Fine-tuning with scale inhibitor and biocide was carefully managed with customized chemical pumps and a comprehensive site-wide telemetry system.